Infant & Toddler Quality Checklist

The following checklist can be used when looking for child care. When looking at child care we encourage parents to ask questions about what their child’s day would be like, how providers handle discipline and to look closely at the environment where the care is taking place. The checklist provides quality indicators and some ideas as to what to look for when looking for child care.

The Provider

  • Provides lots of physical contact such as holding your baby while feeding, rocking baby when tired, and soothing when crying.
  • Interacts with your baby during feeding and diapering times by making eye contact and talking to baby.
  • Interacts with baby during play times
  • Responds to your baby quickly and lovingly to meet your baby’s needs.
  • Uses words of encouragement during playtime
  • Reads simple and colorful books
  • Sings to baby
  • Is patient and gentle when babies are learning to communicate with each other
  • Allows for individual napping and feeding routines

The Environment

  • A safe and comfortable space with room to lay and/or to move around
  • Comfortable and soothing areas
  • Toys that would not be a choking hazard and are washable
  • Soft and washable toys that are easy for baby to grasp, squeeze, offer a variety of textures and make sounds
  • Soft music plays in background
  • Toys and materials reflect cultures and genders
  • Furniture safe for a child to use to pull up and stand

The Program

  • Provides routine, familiar caregiver
  • Responds to individual baby’s needs
  • Provides safe, clean changing and diapering area
  • Supports professional development
  • Policies exist and are shared
  • Parents are informed about their child’s day through conversation or notes
  • Parent’s input is valued

Click here to print the Infant & Toddler Quality Checklist

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