Preschool Quality Checklist

The following checklist can be used when looking for child care. When looking at child care we encourage parents to ask questions about what their child’s day would be like, how providers handle discipline and to look closely at the environment where the care is taking place. The checklist provides quality indicators and some ideas as to what to look for when looking for child care.

The Provider

  • Is friendly and smiles easily with children in his/her care
  • Participates in age appropriate activities with children
  • Is understanding of a preschool child’s typical behavior
  • Is calm and patient when guiding young children’s behavior
  • Helps children resolve conflicts
  • Allows children to make choices throughout the day
  • Uses clear and consistent rules and explains the rule to the child
  • Encourages language development through conversation
  • Helps child build their confidence by being encouraging
  • Reads daily to child to build a love of books

The Environment 

  • Child sized furniture
  • Offers age appropriate materials (crafts, activities, toys) that are visible, organized and within the child’s reach
  • Children can see their projects at eye level
  • Noise level is comfortable for children
  • Toys and materials reflect cultures and genders

The Program

  • Planned activities that focus on all areas of development (physical, social, emotional, and intellectual)
  • Daily schedule posted and is flexible to meet the needs of the children
  • Policies exist and are shared with parents
  • Parents are informed about their child’s day through conversation or notes
  • Parent’s input is valued

Click here to print the Preschool Quality Checklist

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