School Age Quality Checklist

The following checklist can be used when looking for child care. When looking at child care we encourage parents to ask questions about what their child’s day would be like, how providers handle discipline and to look closely at the environment where the care is taking place. The checklist provides quality indicators and some ideas as to what to look for when looking for child care.

The Provider 

  • Supports child if child chooses to work on homework
  • Includes child in establishing rules
  • Gives child opportunities to have appropriate responsibilities
  • Provides guidance and attention
  • Understands child is developing sense of independence
  • Uses positive, respectful  techniques to help guide behavior
  • Encourages children to work out conflicts among themselves and steps in as needed to solve conflicts.

The Environment

  • Ample indoor and outdoor space for various activities
  • Materials are reflective of children’s interests and skills
  • Toys and materials reflect cultures and genders
  • Materials clean, available and in good repair

The Program 

  • Staff work together to meet the needs of children
  • Provide opportunities to promote family involvement
  • Diversity in culture, language and community that children live in
  • Written policies that support communication
  • Hire staff qualified to work with school aged children
  • Supports a flexible schedule
  • Parents are informed about their child’s day through conversation or notes

Click here to print the School Age Quality Checklist

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