211 Child Care Call Monitoring Form


211 Child Care Call Monitoring Form


Used proper courtesy greeting?(Required)
Offered assistance to the caller?(Required)

Listening Skills

Active listening (client doesn’t have to repeat)(Required)
Interrupts appropriately?(Required)
Clearly understands the caller's needs?(Required)

Call Transaction Detail

Answers all questions?(Required)
Provided consumer education(Required)
Provided clear and accurate information?(Required)
Referred to other departments when appropriate?(Required)
Offered multiple options to receive child care referrals?(Required)

Telephony Skills

Uses correct procedures to place a client on hold?
Uses correct procedures to transfer a call
Uses After Call Work appropriately, as defined?

Customer Service Skills

Maintains call control and appropriate pace?
Uses appropriate tone and volume?(Required)
Uses polite and professional language?
Maintains professional boundaries?
Exhibits friendly and engaging approach to call?
Limits instances of unnecessary silence?(Required)
Call escalated appropriately, when/if needed?
Exceeds Expectations?

End Call

Caller is asked if they have any other questions?
Uses courtesy procedures to conclude the call?


Populate mandatory fields in data system?
Documents fulfillment request appropriately?

Quality Scoring and Notes

Scoring Key: To receive an overall ‘Pass’ rating for call, all required categories (highlighted) must receive a rating of ‘Pass’. Staff can achieve an overall ‘Exceeds’ rating for the call by meeting above ‘Pass’ criteria and excelling in the Customer Service Skills category.
Overall Quality Score P/F