211 Child Care Provider Portal Frequently Asked Questions

2-1-1 Child Care is a free, confidential, and statewide service which helps match the requests of parents with child care providers and programs. Parents call 2-1-1 Child Care for information and referrals to:

  • Licensed child care centers
  • Family child care
  • Before and after school programs
  • Summer camps
  • Nursery schools
  • Nanny agencies
  • Head Start
  • School Readiness programs
  • Play groups
  • Licensed Exempt/ Public Pre-K

211 Child care also provides early care professionals with training, technical assistance and resources. Send us an email for more information.

211 Child Care collects important program information. This information is provided to families so that they can learn more about your program and is used both statewide and nationally to assist in planning and identifying supports needed to the child care field.

Some of the information we collect is:

  • Program Contact (Phone, Email, Website)
  • Program Operation (Days, Hours, Ages of Children Accepted)
  • Program Availability and Capacity (# of Openings, # of Enrolled, Capacity)
  • Experience/Education/Certifications/Accreditations
  • Program Setting (Meals, Languages, Transportation Services, Elementary School Vicinity, Etc.)

and much more!

You can access the 211 Child Care provider portal at: https://providers.211childcare.org/welcome

Authentication is required for signing in so you will need to check your email for your link to your information.

The email will come from support@bridgecare.com. 

If you do not have an email on file, you will receive an email message to complete a form to identify who are are.  We will be in contact with you when access is provided.

With access to your profile, you can make quick and easy updates to:

  • Number of openings with date the openings will be available
  • Hours of operation
  • Weekly Fees
  • Program status (open, temporary closure, permanent closure)

And much more!

The 211 Child Care database lists over 5000 programs statewide. On average, over 40,000 families search for child care using the 211 Child Care website each year!

With access to the provider portal, you can make updates to your information so that it is current for families looking for child care.

Be sure to look for the checkbox "Check Here if You Would Like to Receive Referrals From 211 Child Care" under your "Program Contact" information so that your program information is available to families to view on the 211 Child Care website.

If you are newly licensed, 211 Child Care staff are waiting to hear from you!  Newly licensed and legally exempt center based programs can contact 211 Child Care for intake.  We will gather your information such as: your fees, program hours, openings, meals served , languages spoken, etc.

With access to your profile, you can report your program status with a click of a button.

211 Child Care collects reasons programs close or are temporarily closed to identify trends and track disruptions to services.

Please report permanent or temporary closures and your reason for closure.

Some reasons include:

  • Utilities, Structural Damage, Flood, Fire, Public Health Emergency
  • Business Reasons: Career Change, Change in Ownership, Business not Profitable, Lack of Benefits
  • Personal Reasons: Retiring (congratulations!), Maternity, Returning to School, Medical

Fill your vacancies by advertising your openings to families!

You will have quick access to report your openings as they change and become available.

Or report openings you will have at a future date

We urge you to please take the time to report your enrollment.

By reporting your enrollment, you are providing critical information that is used to support strategic planning and funding decisions!

You will have the capability to report your enrollment by the ages of children in your care.

211 Child Care needs you to calculate the total number of children enrolled so that full time and part time children are counted.

A part time child is one who attends less than 30 hours a week/3 days a week.

To calculate the number of children enrolled, to include part time children, follow the example below


(6) Full Time children are enrolled in the Infant Program

(3 )Part Time children are enrolled in the Infant Program

Multiply the # of children Part Time by .50

3 (Part Time) x .50 = 1.5

Calculated Part Time (1.5) + # Full Time (6) = Total Number of Children Enrolled (7.5)

Report (8) children enrolled in the Infant Program

Round up the sum up (7.5 to 8) because we can't have half a child.

You will have access to update or add the rates you charge families.

Go to the "Program's Offered" section and click "edit" for the age group you are updating.


Type in the rate you charge and click "Save"


211 Child Care provides data and statistics related to Connecticut's child care system to the Office of Early Childhood, community members and stakeholders.

This important program data is used both statewide and nationally to assist in planning and identifying supports needed.

We provide data on:

  • Child care supply and demand
  • Data on child care affordability
  • Data on quality of child care

Do you need assistance?

Do you have a question about your data?

Do you want to share your feedback?

Please contact 211 Child Care

1-800-505-1000 Monday - Friday 800 AM to 500 PM

email 211childcare@ctunitedway.org