Opening a Child Care Center


Licensing regulations are set by each individual state.  Programs that are licensed must meet the state’s minimum standards. Each state defines which types of child care arrangements must be licensed.

The Child Day Care Licensing Program is governed by existing statutes and regulations.  The following standards are implemented and enforced by the Office of Early Childhood Division of Licensing.

  • Licensing Procedures
  • Administration Responsibilities
  • Staffing Responsibilities
  • Record Keeping Responsibilities
  • Health and Safety
  • The Physical Plant
  • Educational Requirements

The Office of Early Childhood Division of Licensing:

  • Visits and inspects programs on a regular basis
  • Conducts unannounced inspections
  • Investigates complaints
  • Conducts background checks on providers  (If you have obtained an application over the Internet, please contact  the Office of Early Childhood at 860-500-4466 to obtain fingerprint cards)  


Contact Office of Early Childhood Division of Licensing:

Statutes and Regulations for Licensing Child Day Care Centers and Group Day Care Homes

Program Descriptions

Forms and Applications