Child Care Center Licensing Regulations

In Connecticut, child care centers (programs serving more than 12 children) must be licensed by the Office of Early Childhood Division of Licensing. To obtain the regulations and an application, you can contact:


Office of Early Childhood
450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 302
Hartford, Connecticut 06103
Application and Forms

Statutes and Regulations

Some programs may not need a license to operate legally. Contact Office of Early Childhood Division of Licensing for specific information on exempt programs.

Some of the requirements for child care center licensing include, but are not limited to:

  • Local approvals such as zoning, building, fire, and health
  • Lead test if structure was built before 1979
  • Water sampling
    • Public water supply requires a lead test
    • Well water requires a bacterial and chemical quality test every two years
  • Head teacher certification
  • Consultants including: education, health, dental, social service, and dietary, if meals are provided.
  • Policy and procedure manuals


  • Child Care Centers receive a 4 year license for $500.
  • There must be on site at all times at least two staff present and at least one who is CPR and First Aid certified
  • Background fingerprinting checks must be conducted for all staff    **A new background check law passed in Public Act 17-2 in the fall of 2017. If you have questions about the new background check requirements, please go to the OEC Background Check webpage: Office of Early Childhood Background Check Information

Office of Early Childhood Division of Licensing will inspect a center:

  • Prior to opening
  • Every two years at random

Additional unannounced inspections may be conducted at any time or in response to complaints filed by parents.