How Do I Get Started?

Your first decision is to determine if you have a realistic project.

  • Is there a demand for child care in that area and if so, for which age groups?
  • Is there a suitable location?
  • Do you have enough financial resources through personal savings, business loans, or various funding sources?
  • Are you prepared to invest the time and effort which may last several years depending on the size and scope of your project?

If you feel that your plan is feasible, you would want to create an appropriate team to help you through the process. This team could include:

  • A lawyer to review contracts, advise on zoning, etc.
  • A realtor to help you find suitable space, advise on regulatory restrictions, etc.
  • An architect to help you design new construction or create plans to add on/renovate an existing building, etc.
  • A contractor to help renovate and carry out construction plans
  • A project manager to coordinate each aspect of the project

You will need to make a decision on whether your center will be for profit or non-profit. This decision may affect your tax status and eligibility for funding sources. For more information or to find your local IRS office, contact 2-1-1 Child Care.

You may want to consider contacting other local child care center directors/owners for networking and support.