Intermediate CT ELDS

CT ELDS Intermediate Training: Using the CT ELDS to Guide Your Practice


This session will focus on using the CT ELDS as the foundation of a cycle of intentional teaching.  Participants will consider approaches to developing quality planned programs, including engaging environments and rich learning experiences.  This session will also explore the beginning use of the CT ELDS to support all children’s learning and development, using differentiation to meet the needs of diverse leaners and children who are dual language learners.

This training builds on Core Knowledge and Competency Level 1 and addresses Competency Level 2 in the following areas:

  • Domain 1 (Promoting Child Development and Learning)
  • Domain 2 (Using Developmentally Effective Approaches for Facilitating Experiences)
  • Domain 3 (Building a Meaningful, Planned Program of Learning and Development