RFP for Nurse Consult in Regional Staffed Family Child Care Network FAQs

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Q: What is the maximum page limit of the Main Proposal Page? Pages 12 and 13 of the RFP provide conflicting maximum page limits.

A: The Main Proposal page limit is 35 pages

Q: Please confirm the maximum pages of the entire submission.

 A: The maximum number of pages of the entire submission is 55 pages. Up to (35) pages for the Main Proposal and up to (20) pages for the main body that includes the cover letter, executive summary, budget worksheet and attachments.

Q: . The Organizational Chart is a required attachment, however, under Section E. Attachments, the organizational chart is not included/listed/ Please clarify

 A: The Organizational Chart is a required attachment.

Q: RFP Section F is Style Requirements. Did you mean to say Section E for Attachment guidance on page 12 (“All appendices and attachments should be referred to in the main proposal and then placed in section F”).

A:  Yes, All appendices and attachments should be referred to in the Main Proposal and then placed in Section E, Not F.

Q: Are resumes and job descriptions required for employees other than Key staff?

 A:  No, you only need to submit resumes of employees who will be key staff to meet the scope of work

Q: Is every person hired through this grant considered key staff, or can applicants identify their own key staff?

A: Applicants should identify their key staff to meet the scope of the work. These key staff should also be explained in the budget/budget narrative.

 Q: 7. Are resumes considered attachments under position descriptions?

 A: Resumes are considered attachments, Section E

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