Staffed Family Child Care Network – RFP Upload

Request for Proposals for Nurse Consultation in Support of Regional Staffed Family Child Care Networks and Family Child Care Providers

Contact Person(Required)

This form will be open on June 23, 2022, through July 29, 2022.  The main body should be submitted as a PDF, while the budget template should be submitted as an Excel spreadsheet. Required forms and appendices may be scanned and submitted as PDFs at the end of main proposal.

Please consolidate the main proposal  body and attachments into a single PDF file or as few files as possible. Be sure that each file submitted with your proposal is appropriately titled with your organization name and an indicator of the content. For example, if you are submitting the main body and attachments as one file, an appropriate file name would be “ORGNAME_FULLPROPOSAL” and the budget file name would be “ORGNAME_BUDGET”.

An acceptable submission must include: one (1) conforming electronic copy of the original proposal. The proposal must be complete, properly formatted and outlined, and ready for evaluation by the Evaluation Committee.
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Max. file size: 50 MB.

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